Backlog Refinement - Myth or Fact


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1 - Combining the backlog refinement with the sprint planning saves time during the sprint.
Myth - Sprint planning used to become a really long and boring meeting. Hence teams started practicing Backlog Refinement.
2- Backlog refinement is done to prepare the stories for the upcoming sprints, by adding detail, estimates, and ordering the product backlog items
Fact - It is a practice to keep at least two sprints of ready items as a output of refinement sessions
3- Teams can also adjust the size of the current sprint backlog items during the backlog refinement.
Myth - Refinement has nothing to do with this sprint. Its all about planning ahead for the next sprint.
4- Backlog Refinement is a one time event done during the start of the sprint.
Myth - Generally the practice is somewhere mid sprint. But you can do this anytime in the sprint.
5- Backlog refinement is done by the Product Owner and Scrum Master and the team can review it whenever they have time during the sprint.
Myth - Refinement is an activity between the Development team and the Product Owner.
6-The Product owner is optional for refinement, he can send the backlog to be refined through email to the team.
Myth - This is like saying a quarter back is optional for a game of American Football.
7- Backlog refinement can also be used to accept/reject stories of the current sprint.
Myth - Refinement is all about the next Sprint. And has nothing to do with this sprint.
8-Teams dedicate not more than 10% of the team's capacity for backlog refinement
Fact - Thats true. A simple rule is not more than one hour a week of teams time,.
9-The definition of done is updated during the backlog refinement session
Myth - Done is update may be in Sprint planning . In refinement we do not talk about the "HOW"
10-Bigger items are decomposed into smaller items, items that are no longer valid are deleted from the backlog.
Fact - A part of refinement is figure out how to fit features into a Sprint. This is what is unique in Scrum.
11-Not all team members are mandatory for Backlog Refinement.
Fact , But recommended is the entire team.
12-Team members can add User Stories to the Product Backlog during Grooming meeting
True - Grooming and refinement meeting mean the same. These days the Scrum Community tends to call this as refinement .
0-This Deck is Myth or Facts about Backlog Refinement