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Loud Music and Hearing Loss


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to risk
(v) to have a chance of losing or being in danger
(n) when something is broken
a specialist
(n) a person who knows a lot about something
(n) the measure of sound
(n) a little thing you put in your ears to keep noise out
to advise
(v) to tell someone what they could or should do to help them
a device
(n) a technology tool
to avoid
(v) to try and not do something or not get something
according to
a person says that .....
an organization
(n) a group of people that work together for a goal
to reverse
(v) to turn something back
(n) how strong something is
to increase
(v) to make something bigger, louder, more
common sense
(n) something that seems right or normal
a suggestion
(n) a piece of advice to help someone
(n) sound
(n) part of a bigger organization
to estimate
(v) to guess an amount of something
to suffer
(v) to experience pain, loss, sickness, or injury