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How Brain Works When You Sleep


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scientist (n)
a person who studies a science
discover (v)
to find
researcher (n)
someone who searches/looks for something (all scientists are researchers)
research (n)
a study of something, looking for something
process (n)
a chain of actions or steps taken in to get a special goal
process (v)
to take actions or steps to accomplish/get to a goal
disorder (n)
sickness, illness, problem
disease (n)
sickness like a cold or the flu
treatment (n)
something that will help getting over a disease or disorder
neurological (adv.)
nervous, to do with the neurons in the brain
inject (v)
to force (a liquid, especially a drug or vaccine) into a person or animal's body with a syringe or similar device
dye (n)
a color liquid, like paint
harmfull (adj.)
it can hurt
observe (v)
watch carefully
resume (v)
to start again
repair (v)
to fix
poison (n)
something that can make you sick or kill you
shrink (v)
to get smaller
waste (adj.)
like trash, to be thrown out
material (n)
something use to make something else (like glass, cotton, wood, plastic)

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