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Education in South Korea


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to consider
(v) to think about
entrance examination
(n) a test that is required to get into a school
to be stressed
(adj.) to be very worried
(n) something that forces me to do something (like parents forcing me to become an accountant, or a boss forcing me to work during the weekend)
to determine
(v) to decide, to cause
to guarantee
(v) to promise, to make sure that something will happen
to improve
(v) to make something better
(n) a person who only watches something
a design
(n) a way something is planned and/or works
(n) people in the education (teachers, administrators)
to teach to the test
(v) to prepare students for a specific test
(n) the idea of remembering something exactly as it is
developed countries
(n) nations that have a highly developed economy and advanced technology
to blame
(v) to say it was somebody's fault
to reform
(v) to make changes to improve something
educational system
(n) public schooling including kindergarten through high school
creative thinking
(n) looking at problems in a new way to find uncommon solutions
to increase
(v) to become or make greater in size, amount, intensity, or degree.
to reduce
(v) make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size
(n) mental or emotional stress