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  1. Roger Sperry
  2. External Nare
  3. charophyte
  4. stramenopile
  5. Leptin
  1. a Type of living green algae that on the basis of nucleotide sequencing and cellular features is most closely related to land plants.
  2. b organisms with one tinsel flagellum, and one whiplash flagellum; includes oomycetes, chrysophytes, diatoms, brown algae, and certain other groups
  3. c secreted by fat cells; signals brain to increase metabolism and decrease hunger
  4. d the openings connecting the nasal cavity to the outside. air passes through these openings during respiration
  5. e studied split brain patients; showed that left/right hemispheres have different functions

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  1. small translucent lancet-shaped burrowing marine animal
  2. bone forming cell
  3. any of various proteins secreted by cells of the immune system that serve to regulate the immune system
  4. a circulatory system that allows the blood to flow out of the blood vessels and into various body cavities so that the cells are in direct contact with the blood
  5. Alert the immune system

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  1. Soft Palatea specialized plastid that contains dense starch grains and may play a role in detecting gravity


  2. ChoanoflagellatesThe sibling taxon of animals and fungi. Is a model for the origin of animals


  3. Conifera body cavity completely lined with mesoderm. Between the gut and body wall


  4. Ginkgodeciduous dioecious Chinese tree having fan-shaped leaves and fleshy yellow seeds, only surviving species that has fan-shaped leaves.


  5. Connective Tissuetissue that holds organs in place and binds different parts of the body together