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  1. Corpus Luteum
  2. Autoimmune response
  3. Decidous
  4. silica
  5. Nephron
  1. a endocrine tissue which produces hormones, estrogen, and progesterone which prepares the uterine lining for receiving an embryo
  2. b blood-filtering unit in the renal cortex of the kidney
  3. c tees that lose their leaves in the fall
  4. d chemical compound that is an oxide of silicon with the chemical formula SiO2. found in the cell walls of diatoms
  5. e A misdirected attack against one's own tissues

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  1. Circuit of blood that carries blood between the heart and the rest of the body.
  2. female or male reproductive organ that produces sex cells and hormones; ovary or testis
  3. the spore-producing individual or phase in the life cycle of a plant having alternation of generations
  4. the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow
  5. stomach

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  1. red algaemakes red blood cells. located in bones


  2. Mantlesubstance that is dissolved in a solvent to make a solution


  3. chrysophytecomprised of yellow-green algae, golden-brown algae, and diatoms


  4. Alveolitiny sacs of lung tissue specialized for the movement of gases between air and blood


  5. Vasoconstrictionwidening of the blood vessels that allows for increased blood flow