Chapter 4 OK History

What is the colony Britain created? What year?
Jamestown, 1607
Who established powerful fur trade allies with the Natives along the Mississippi?
What was the French and Indian war over?
The Ohio River Valley
Who was in the French and Indian war?
War between British (England) and the 13 Colonies (English Colonies) vs. French (France)
Which side did the Natives join in the French and Indian war?
Who controlled Oklahoma for 40 years?
After the French and Indian war, how did the Natives act?
After the war was over, the Natives did not accept the Treaty of Paris and kept fighting.
Who is the leader of the Ottawa Indians that fought back after the war?
Did the Natives want peaceful negotiations with Britain?
What did the Natives want Britain to promise?
Natives wanted Britain to promise not to settle on land west of Georgia.
In the American Revolution, what did Britain promise the Cherokee to get them to join their side?
Britain promised their land back.
Settlers want to begin to try and use the Mississippi River for trade and transportation use. What treaty did the Spanish and America establish to allow access and establish boundaries between Spain and America?
1795 Pinckney Treaty
Where did Napoleon send his troops to stop a rebellion?
Napoleon sends troops to Haiti to stop a rebellion in the Caribbean.
When Napoleon sent his troops to Haiti, why didn't they move to North America?
His men got an epidemic or disease that make his troops not move into North America.
What did Russia do when Napoleon invaded to keep his troops march and run low on supplies?
Russia burnt their cities.
How much did Thomas Jefferson want to buy New Orleans for?
10 Million Dollars
Who did Jefferson send to France to discuss buying New Orleans?
Robert Livingston
Who suggested offering Louisiana to America to Napoleon?
Minister of Finance Francois de Barbe-Marbois, and Lord Talleyrand was the one who suggested this to Napoleon.
Who did Jefferson send to offer 15 million to Napoleon for Louisiana?
James Monroe