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  1. agriculture
  2. Hundred Years War
  3. Martin Luther
  4. status during Middle Ages
  5. patron
  1. a person who gives financial support to scholars or artists
  2. b determined by birthright
  3. c nailed 95 Theses to church door
  4. d farming
  5. e war between England and France

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  1. trade
  2. based on agriculture
  3. wordly rather than religious
  4. disease that spreads and is usually deadly
  5. taught theory of predestination

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  1. society in Renaissancedetermined by wealth and ability


  2. Renaissancerebirth/revival of interest in Greek/Roman art, literature, learning


  3. status during Renaissancedetermined by birthright


  4. hereticart of showing people and nature as they really are


  5. Humanists' beliefsrebirth/revival of interest in Greek/Roman art, literature, learning


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