Sprint Planning - Myth or facts


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0-This Deck is Myth or Facts about Sprint Planning
1) All three roles of Scrum are required for Sprint Planning.
Fact - Scrum Master though is only a facilitator.
2) If the sprint planning needs more time, Scrum Master should extend it to accommodate for the discussions.
Myth - Like any Scrum event, the sprint planning ends when it ends.
3) Estimation is done in Sprint Planning meeting by the team
Myth - Estimation is done in backlog refinement,
4) The product owner should come prepared with the sprint backlog before Sprint Planning
Myth - The Sprint backlog is prepared as an output of Sprint planning and is prepared by the team members
5) In Sprint Planning the product owner is optional.
Myth - Product owner is required for the first part of Sprint planning. But for the task breakdown part they are optional; .
6) Each team member plans their bit of work individually to save time during planning.
Myth - Scrum is all about team work. Team members mutually decide who is going to work on what item.
7) The teams pick up few extra backlog items more than what they completed in their previous sprint to increase velocity.
Myth - If you finish early you can always pick more. But it should not be done with an intent to increase velocity.
8) The teams decides how to do the work and the Product owner specifies the what.
Fact - Team decides the tasks and who is going to work. Product owner decides what to work on, team decides the How much.
9) Backlog Item estimates cannot be changed once they are committed at the end of the Planning meeting.
Fact - The word committed is now called as Forecasted. Once the sprint starts, changes to estimates are not done.
10) Allocating hours to tasks are not recommended for Sprint Planning.
Fact - When you start doing Scrum, teams tend to use this. Once they work more and more with each other, the hours become less and less important.
11) One of the artifacts of Sprint planning is the Sprint Backlog
Fact - The Sprint backlog is also called as the Task Board or Team Board
12) Sprint Backlog is owned by the ScrumMaster
Myth - The development team owns the Sprint backlog