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The primary effect is information recalled from _____________ while the recency effect is recalled from ___________.

Long-Term Memory/Short-Term Memory

________ memory refers to a memory of an event that is so emotionally powerful that the person remembers the event as vividly as if it were indelibly preserved on film


When light from a flashlight is moved quickly back and forth on a wall in a darkened room it can appear to observers that there is a trial of light moving across the wall, even though physically the light is only in place at any given time. This experience is an effect of memory that occurs because of:

Persistence of Vision

In the first controlled memory experiment, what memory measure did Hermann Ebbinghaus use to measure his own forgetting?

Trials to Relearn

The research on misleading post-event information demonstrated that:

a question containing incorrect information can alter people's recall of the original event

Processing verbal information can be impaired while song lyrics are running through your head. This difficulty can be understood as:

Articulatory Suppression

Using behavior to infer mental processes is the basic principle of...

Cognitive Psychology

Consider this task: While doing certain tasks you are asked to balance a pencil on one hand. Which of the following is the pattern or results in previous research?

It is harder to balance a pencil on your right hand if you are repeating sentences

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