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Novy Quiz

What is the basic human truth that is often forgotten?
our lives are meaningless unless connect with one and other
What religious truth belongs with basic human truth?
God created us to not be alone
How did the law shape Israelites communal idenity
Together they could obey God's will and avoid the bondage of sin because God saved them as a poeple.
How does our rootedness in community help us stand Christian doctrine?
Unless we understand and accept our rootedness, simple basic Catholic will not make sense. Original sin relates to an entire community of people.
How does baptism change a person's individual identity? communal identity?
Both personal and original sin are forgiven. Baptism makes a person part of christ. Baptism gives new character that belongs to god and others through God. Drawn to church community
Baptism is necessary for salvation explain?
Baptism is the only way we give ourself to God and are incorporated into People of God; baptism brings you closer to God
Church as ship image explain?
Crew must live and act as one to reach destination like catholics act as one to get to heaven
Why doesn't membership in people of God obsure personal identity?
Person will always have unique identity, incorporation in body of Christ enhances a person's individuality because in giving ourselves to others, we can discover our true selves.
Three things that being a chosen race does NOT imply
God chose some but not others, God hand selects people he will be best on his side, we are chosen as individuals while compared to others
Why should Christian's live in gratitude
We are not entitled to the blessings we receive, they a free gift from god. We have been chosen by God's love not because of our own merit
Royality meaning by Judeo Christians?
To be anointed by God
How do Christians fulfill their royal duty?
We fulfill our royal duty when we commit ourselves to those who are most in need and can offer us the least
What is a prophet?
someone through whom the will of God is made known
What do prophets do?
Speak and live the truth in such a way that others are able to hear and recognize God and God's will for the world. Also voices of freedom
Freedom definition
power to make choices that enable us to fulfill our potential and become the people we were created to be