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Digital Literacy and Responsibility (EverFi Ignition)


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The Cloud
A network for accessing applications from any device.
A Central Processing Unit, or CPU, is:
The brains of your computer that runs computer programs
Teens can be responsible with cell phones by:
Never sending revealing texts, no matter the recipient
To keep viruses and malware from harming your computer and files, it's important to:
Keep your browser up to date
If a website begins with "HTTPS," that means the website is:
What are the most ideal privacy settings to have on your social networking site?
The strongest password would include:
Upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols
What can an online predator do with your personal information?
Communicate with others while pretending to be you
Why is citing your research important?
To give credit to the person that gave you information
Correctly paraphrasing is:
Rewriting the author's words in your own words and including a citation.
Which activity is most likely protected by fair use?
Using a clip from a movie for a school project
What application would be best for analyzing data?
What is presentation software?
A program used to display information usually in the form of a slideshow
Which comment is most true?
Content on the Internet is typically permanent
A good way to use presentation software would be to:
Formally share your information with a group in a way that's visually engaging
It's a form of copyright infringement, can have serious legal consequences, and can be hard to control.
What would be the best feature to add to a blog if you want to survey people on a certain topic?
Which of the following can be copyrighted?
Images, writings, poems, music, videos.
What should people do when they are cyberbullied?
Talk to a trusted adult about what happened
How often is the cyberbully victim a friend or acquaintance of the cyberbully?
Most of the time (correct)
Which statement is true about cyberbullying victims?
Cyberbullying victims don't like to draw more attention to themselves
What is the best thing for a person to do if they receive a threatening e-mail from a cyberbully?
Save it as evidence
Which is a potential consequence of cyberbullying?
school-related penalties, criminal record, loss of friendships.
An activity might be considered cyberbullying if:
It could make a person feel embarrassed, unsafe, adults would disapprove of the activity.
How can bystanders best help cyberbully victims?
Tell them what happened wasn't their fault and encourage them to talk to a trusted adult
Which of the following forms of publication is a way a writer could earn money using technology?
Online newspaper, E-book, Blog
What does "STEM" stand for?
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Computers in the future will probably
Be faster and smaller.
Advances in technology created which of the following jobs?
Graphic designer, web programmer, and computer engineer
T/F People who send or receive sexually explicit messages can face legal consequences
T/F Paraphrasing an author's words in a paper without citing that author is probably okay, because you're not using the author's exact words.
T/F It's okay to directly quote a source in a paper, as long as you give credit to that source.
T/F Plagiarism is considered a form of stealing
T/F People have complete control over who sees their online content