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Backhaus Towel Clamp, Perforating Clamp, Traumatic Clamp

Mosquito Clamp

Kelly Clamp, Hemostat

Crile Clamp

Pean Clamp

Allis Tissue Clamp

Kocher Clamp, Oshner

Babcock Intestinal Clamp

Schnidt Tonsil Clamp

Foerster Sponge Clamp

Right Angle Clamp

Pennington Clamp

Heaney Hysterectomy Clamp

Heaney-Ballantine Hysterectomy Clamp

Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

Metzenbaum Scissors

Straight Mayo Scissors Suture Scissors

Curved Mayo Scissors Heavy Scissors

Stevens Tenotomy Scissors

Iris Scissors

Knife Handle #3

Knife Handle #4

Knife Handle #7

Bonney Forceps

Russian Tissue Forceps

Ferris-Smith Forceps

Tissue Forceps with Teeth

Tissue Forceps without Teeth

DeBakey Tissue Forceps

Adson Forceps without Teeth

Adson Forceps with Teeth

Brown Adson Forceps

Bayonet Forceps

Poole Suction with Sheath

Yankauer Suction Tube with Tip

Cushing Vein Retractor

Green Retractor

Volkman Retractor

Murphy Retractor

Weitlaner Retractor

Senn Retractor

Goelet Retractor

US Army Retractor

Richardson Retractor

Harrington Retractor

Deaver Retractor

Balfour Abdominal Retractor

Gelpi Retractor

O'Sullivan-O'Connor Abdominal Retractor

Double Ended Richardson Retractor

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