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  1. Decane
  2. Ethane
  3. Pentane
  4. Functional Group
  5. Replacing part of a hydrocarbon with functional groups
  1. a changes the structural properties and uses that we have for compounds
  2. b C2H6
  3. c C5H12
  4. d part of the molecule having specific arrangement of the atom that is largely responsible for chemical behavior of parent molecules
  5. e C10H22

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  1. individual small units that make up a polymer Iso
  2. -ene
  3. repeated vaporizaton-condensation cycles that provide substance separations to allow fractions with one or few compounds to be isolated, performed since different hydrocarbons have different boiling points
  4. compounds that have the same formula but different structures and chain length
  5. -yne

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  1. OctaneC8H18


  2. PropaneC3H8


  3. Crackingall carbon atoms connected to each other by single bonds, are the simplest hydrocarbons


  4. ButaneC4H10


  5. HexaneC6H14