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Sociology quiz 22

the profit orientation of biotechnology companies that will use the findings
Which of these is not one of the controversies surrounding the Human Genome Project?
The Internet evolved from a computer system built by the U.S. Defense Department in:
simple to complex.
Émile Durkheim contended that societies progressed from:
the equilibrium model.
Talcott Parsons' functionalist view of society as tending toward a state of stability or balance is known as:
adaptive upgrading.
A person needing to have his or her car repaired can go to a muffler store, a transmission shop, a tire retailer, or a gas station for a tune-up. Talcott Parsons refers to this type of specialization as:
consumer goods bought with remittances AND billboards promoting phone rates to U.S.
In the Dominican Republic, the prevalence of transnational emigration is evident in:
All of these
Which of these has been a significant social event in recent decades, according to Maureen Hallinan?
NOT: 95, 110
English language usage on the Internet grew by what percentage, between 2000 and 2008?
mythology to scientific method.
Auguste Comte saw societies as moving forward in their thinking from:
NOT: disengagement theory.
The expectation that African and Latin countries will change by moving in the same direction as Western societies is consistent with:
The Human Genome Project is of concern to sociologists.
Wooden Shoes
The term "sabotage" is derived from French workers throwing ________ into factory machinery to destroy it.
Most people welcome the building of landfills, prisons, nuclear power plants, bike trails, and group homes for the developmentally disabled right behind their home.
Luddites were factory owners that made huge profits in England during the industrial revolution.
evolutionary theory
Which theory of social change holds that society is moving in a definite direction?
NOT: videotaping suspects who are being interrogated.
The PATRIOT Act allows federal officials more latitude in:
The term "vested interests" refers to those people or groups who will profit in the event of social change.
NOT: generalization.
In Talcott Parsons's equilibrium model, the incorporation of groups that were previously excluded because of their race, ethnicity, and social class is known as:
Social theorists sought an analogy to Darwin's biological model and originated evolutionary theory, which views society as moving in a definite direction.
vested interests.
Thorstein Veblen is responsible for coining the term:
NOT: biomechanics.
Consistent with Immanuel Wallerstein's world system analysis, peripheral nations connecting to the Internet are required to depend on industrial giants such as North America and Europe to serve as their:
Young people who have grown up surfing the web seem to accept the existence of "cookies" and "spyware" they may pick up while surfing.
genetically modified food.
A new technique of using technology to increase food production and to make agriculture more economical is called:
culture lag
Which term refers to the period of maladjustment when the nonmaterial culture is still adapting to new material conditions?
Charles Darwin
____________'s pioneering work in biological evolution contributed to nineteenth-century theories of social change. According to his approach, there has been a continuing progression of successive life forms.
Not in my backyard
The abbreviation NIMBY, which is often used when people protest landfills, prisons, and nuclear power facilities, stands for: