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Rate of Change/Unit Rate of Change


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Elenie has $100 in her account and saves $32 a week. What is the rate of change?
Lacie is going skydiving. She jumps out of a plane at 14,000ft and descends at 3 meter per second. What is her rate of descent?
Captain Yazmine's submarine dives into the ocean at 50 feet per second. What's the rate of change?
Karen ate a dozen M & M's a day until the bag of 360 of them was done. How many M&Ms did she eat per day?
Phoenix hiked through a forest looking for clowns. He walked 3 miles every 2 hours. What is the unit rate?
Mady read a 400 page book in a 5 days. How many pages did she read per day?
Miss Wilson drove 260 miles every 4 hours until she arrived in Ohio. What is her average speed in miles per hour?
The Lamborghini that Hector rented for the day costed him $35 every 30 minutes. What is the cost per hour?
Lexie drank 64 oz of water in 4 hours until it was completely empty. At what rate did she drink her water per hour?
Evani's family drove on a half tank of gas, covering 120 miles in 3 hours, until they ran out. How much gas did they lose per hour?
Kenny ran 5 laps around the track in 550 seconds. What was his unit rate in minutes?