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8th grade Mrs. Astro's class

what moderates temperature and increases rainfall


name three potential results of climate change

sea level change, global warming, crop decrease

the curving of the paths of ocean currents and winds due to earth's rotation is called

coriolis effect

acid precipitation forms as a result of what

burning of fossil fuels

the water for geothermal power p;ants is heated by what

heated rock, magma

deep currents are caused by what

difference in density

what continues to absorb solar energy and increase in temperature as long as the sun's rays hit it


fossil fuels consist mainly of


what causes gyres to form

coriolis effect

name 3 ways to help reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere

use public transportation, drive a hybrid car, recycle

a cause of sinkholes is

subsurface mining

what do scientists predict about world freshwater resources

there will be a shortage in 2025

what happens during nuclear fission

nucleous splits into 2 nucile

name 3 factors that control the movement of surface currents

winds, earths rotation, location of the continents

the energy source in which a dam plays a key role is called what

hydroelectric energy

one characteristic of the antarctic bottom water is

high density

the swift, warm current that flows northeastward along the east coast of the united states is called what

gulf stream

specific heat is the amount of energy needed to change the temperature of 1 g of substance by

1 degree C

scientists hope to build a nuclear fusion reactor fueled by what

ocean water

two major factors used to identify climate are

temperature and precipitation

name 3 impacts of climate change

sea level changes, global warming, change in precipitation

in order to generate electricity, a nuclear reactor converts water to what


what affects the angle at which the sun's rays hit earth


why is called a tsunami a tidal wave is misleading

tsunami's aren't a caused by tides

an energy source that heats fuel rod to create steam for electric generators is what

nuclear fission

the major cause of tides is the what

gravitational pull of the moon on earth and its waters

the pavement and building in cities affect the local climate by doing what

increasing themtemp

scientists predict that worldwide coal reserves will last how many years


the process by which the atmosphere slows earths loss of heat to space is called what

green house effect

many marine plankton do not reproduce above certain temperatures. based on this information, what might happen if the temperature of the ocean increased

marine food webs(??) will collapse

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