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Marketing representatives may offer gifts to potential enrollees if they
attend a marketing presentation as long as the gifts are of nominal value and provided regardless of enrollment and without discrimination.
▪ Gifts are of nominal value if an individual item is worth $15 or less (based on retail purchase price of the item);
▪ When more than one gift is offered, the combined value of all items must not exceed $15;
▪ Gifts must not be in the form of cash or other monetary reward, even if their worth is less than $15. Cash gifts include charitable
contributions on behalf of an attendee and those gift certificates or gift cards that can be readily converted to cash.
▪ There is an exception where state law requires that the gift certificate or gift card must be convertible to cash and the cash
value is no more than $2.00.
▪ If the gift is one large one that is enjoyed by all attending an event, the total cost must be $15 or less when divided by the estimated attendance. Anticipated attendance may be used, but
must be based on venue size, response rate, or advertisement circulation.
Plan sponsors must include a disclaimer on all marketing materials
promoting a prize or drawing or any promise of a free gift that there is no obligation to enroll in the plan.Plan sponsors must track and document promotional activities and
items given to current enrollees during the year. Plan sponsors and their marketing representatives may not willfully structure pre-enrollment activities with the intent to give people more than $75 per year.