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Which of the following best describes stategic decision making?

Broad based information

Which of the following best describes the function of a management information system>

Supports day to day actvities

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a DSS?

Provides day to day reports

Which of the following is used primarily for monitoring performance?


Which of the following best describes operational decision making?

Monitoring day to day tasks

Which of the following information presentation formats is best for operational decision making:

Detailed scheduled reports

Which of the following best describes an EIS?

Provides immediate access to information relating to the organization's key

Which of the following developments helped lower the cost of videoconferencing?

small digital cameras

Which of the following best describes the function of kiosks?

A computer station that promotes the healthcare organization's services.

Which of the following is considered a consumer-centric informatics application?


Which of the following best describes emerging technologies?

They introduce change to healthcare organizations.

Which of the following best describes a data warehouse?

A large store of data used for strategic decision support.

Which of the following help to facilitate the integration of work processes and team work?


Which of the following is able to provide video, audio, computer, and imaging system connectivity for virtual teamwork>


Which of the following functions is made possible by computer telephony?

Providing important feedback via the telephone, Routing telephone traffic to its appropriate party, Providing access to additional computer information resources

Privately owned telephone systems are known as


IP telephon allows real time calls to be initiated:

by the internet

The coding supervisor wants a daily report of health records that need to be coded. Which of the following systems would be best in meeting the supervisor's needs?


A physician wants an automated system that allows input of signs, symptoms and results of laboratory tests and provides a list of provisional diagnoses. Which of the following would be best meet the physician's needs?


A structured decision is

Made by following a formula of step by step process

Development of a departmental budget would be considered

Tactical decision making

To be useful information must be

Accurate, Relevant and Timely

Which of the following systems supports the creation , organization and dissemination of busness expertise throughout the organization?


Which of the following is composed of an electronic central library or repository of best practices organized by specific business domain?


Which of the following would be most useful to an exective in making strategic decisions?

Data warehouse

St Mary's Hospital has a team responsible for strategic decision making. This group uses an information system that provides informatio that is


Dr Brown insists on the new EHR assisting physicians in their decision making process by using technology that brings available information to the attention of the physician. This type of technology is called

push technology

Typical users include analysts and managers; physcians


Typical users include those needing to access an expert's knowledge base

Expert system

Typical users are supervisors of a coding department


Typical users are high-level managers of executives


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