Praxis 0311/5311 LMS Practice Quiz 2 - Library Media Specialist

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Use the questionnaire below to answer the question that follows.
Student's Name: __________________________________________
Type of Resource: _____ Web site _____ CD-ROM
_____ e-zine _____ Other
3 = Excellent
2 = Good
1 = Poor
Criteria: Score (1-3)
Authority (Is the author an expert on the subject? What are his/her credentials?)
Currency (Is the content useful and relevant? Is it current?)
Design/Format (Is the information well organized? Is it easy to find what you need?
Are images useful and appropriate?)
Objectivity (What is the author's purpose/intent? Does the author present a balanced
view of the content?)
Coverage (Is the information complete? Does it cover all aspects of the topic?)
Accuracy of Information (Is the information correct?)
Excellent - Make this your first choice for information.
Good - A decent resource despite flaws; use to balance/expand content.
Poor - Try to find something better.

A middle school library media specialist
has collaborated with school faculty to
develop this questionnaire. Students are
encouraged to complete the questionnaire during research projects that involve the use of electronic resources. Use of the questionnaire is most likely to enhance students' skills in which of the following areas?

A. using information from electronic
resources to engage in systematic
problem solving
B. resolving conflicting information
drawn from different electronic
C. applying efficient search strategies
to access information from
electronic resources
D. using critical thinking to evaluate
information from electronic