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  1. 1 John - jesus's half brother
    2 & 3 John - The Elder John
    Revelation- John the brother of James
  2. The believing Jesus didn't come in the flesh
  3. Anyone who doesn't believe Jesus did not come in the flesh
  4. James
  5. synagogue
  1. a Where did Paul first go when he entered a city and start teaching?
  2. b Who does the antichrist refer to?
  3. c Which books shares topics with the sermon on the Mt?
  4. d Know something about the different Johns
  5. e what is doecitism

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  1. Which apostle gets the most attention in Acts?
  2. "I've been crucified with Christ ______
  3. Bad guys name in 3 John
  4. What are known as the Pastoral Epistles?
  5. what is of first importance in Paul's teachings

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  1. growth of the ChurchThe chosen lady and her children are a reference to who?


  2. JerusalemWhere did most of Acts 1-7 take place?


  3. Lord's Supper, marriage, food sacrificed to idols,what are major topics in 1 & 2 Corinthians?


  4. 2nd Peterwhich john is not hospitable


  5. DomitianRevelation was written under the persecution of which Roman Emperor