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Is a living thing


Are all membersof one species in a particular area.


Is the community of organisms that live in a particular area.

Abiotic factors

Are all the non-living parts of an organisms habitat


Are all the different populations that live together in an area.


Means leaving a population.

Death rate

Is the number of deaths in a population in a certain amount of time.

Limiting factor

Is an environmental factor which causes a population to decrease.

Birth rate

Is the number of births in a population in a certain amount of time.


Means moving into a population.

Carrying capacity

Is the largest population that an area can support

Population density

Is the number of individuals in an area of a specific size.


Is an approximation of a number based on reasonable assumptions.


Is the study of how living things interact with each other and non-living things in their environment.


Is a group of organisms that are physically similar and can mate with each other and produce offspring.


Is an environment that provides the things that the organisms need to live, grow and reproduce.


Is the process by which plants make their food.

Biotic factors

Is the living parts of a habitat

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