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(n.) A public entertainment making a special event, a festive occasion; (adj.) festive, showy The reporter had never seen such finery as was one at the gala. The President and the First Lady attended at a gala performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Synonyms:(n.) extravaganza, fete; (adj.) spectacular, grand


(adj.) Flashy, showy, not in good taste The singers gaudy outfit was totally inappropriate for a command performance before the queen Synonyms: garish, loud, vulgar Antonyms: restrained, quiet, sober, sedate, tasteful


(n.) Appreciation, thankfulness Be sure to express your gratitude to your teacher for having written you a letter of recommendation. Synonyms: thanks, gratefulness


(v.) To pay careful attention, to notice; to be guided by; (n.) close attention or consideration My parent are always telling me to heed their advice. Pay no heed to old superstitions. Synonyms:(v.) listen to, attend Antonyms:(v.) ignore, disagree


(n.) In act intended to trick or deceive, a fraud;(v.) to trick, deceive Their plan was to hoax people into believing that that they had found a masterpiece Synonyms:(n.) deception, ruse, fake;(v.) dupe


(adj.) Just, unbiased, fair, not taking sides The defense attorney new it would be difficult to find impartial jurors to serve on such a celebrated case. Synonyms: disinterested, neutral, objective Antonyms: one-sided, prejudice, biased, part of


(n.) A swindler, deceiver, false name or character in order to cheat After having posed as a doctor for five years the man was finally exposed as an impostor. Synonyms: cheat, trickster, four-flusher, pretender


(v.) To fill with air or gas; to swell or puff out; to make something appear larger than it is On the evening before the big parade, we watched the workers inflate the huge balloons. Synonyms: blow up, pump up, enlarge, exaggerate Antonyms: deflate, flatten, diminish


(adj.) poor, scant, unsatisfactory; thin, slight My brother, a high school student, is always complaining that he cannot live on the meager allowance my parents give him. Synonyms: scanty, skimpy, sparse Antonyms: ample, plentiful, abundant, lavish


(v.) To think about deeply and quietly, reflect upon; to plan, intend Many ancient philosophers would seek peaceful surroundings in which to meditate on the meaning of life. Synonyms: ponder, contemplate, muse, ruminate


(adj.) Nourishing, valuable and satisfying as food My mother cooks nutritious meals to ensure that we have balanced diet. Synonyms: healthful, wholesome


(v.) to govern or rule cruelly, or unjustly; to weigh heavily upon Too many dictators have used absolute power to oppress they govern. Synonyms: mistreat, persecute, grind underfoot Antonyms: pamper, coddle, free, liberate


(n.) One goes on foot;(adj.) relating to walking; on foot; ordinary ,dull, unimaginative The driver slammed on the brakes and swerved so as not to hit a pedestrian. Synonyms: (adj.) commonplace, prosaic Antonyms:(n.) driver, rider;(adj.) original, novel


(v.) To send on, pass along; send out In the old west local sheriffs would often transmit messages by telegraphs to the marshal of the territory. Synonyms: pass on, convey, relay, deliver


(v.) To defeat in a battle or contest, overthrow; to overcome a feeling or condition The generals goal was to vanquish his countries enemies. Synonyms: beat, conquer, subdue Antonyms: succumb to, yield to


(adj.) Unnaturally pale or sickly looking; lacking vitality; dim, faint; weak, ineffectual The patient was so weak that all she could give the nurse a wan smile. Synonyms: ashen, pasty, pallid, bloodless, gaunt Antonyms: rosy, ruddy, blooming, radiant

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