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The first Europeans to explore the Atlantic were the
Santa Maria (largest), Pinta, and Niña
Columbus's three ships
East Indies
Columbus thought he had reached the
San Salvador
The first Spanish colony in the Americas was established by Columbus, called the island of
Columbian exchange
A transfer of people, products, and ideas between the hemispheres
Sea monsters, storms, getting loss, starvation, and piracy
5 dangers at sea
Horses, armor, weapons
Factors that explain the Spaniards success against the Native American armies
Laws of the Indies
Code of laws that stated how the colonies should be organized
Three kinds of settlements in new Spain; towns, centers of farming and trade
Three kinds of settlements in new Spain; forts where soldiers lived
Three kinds of settlements in new Spain; religious settlements run by Catholic priests and friars
1)Peninsular- Born in Spain
2)Creole-Born in the Americas to Spanish parents
3)Mestizo-mixed Spanish and Indian heritage
4)Mulatto-mixed Spanish and African heritage
5)Native Americans and Africans-treated as conquered people
Social class of new Spain
Spanish borderlands
Spanned the southern borders of the present day United States, from Florida to California
Ponce de Leon
First Spaniard to set foot in what is now the United States
Labor and taxes
What could be demanded by using the encomienda system
What caused the greatest number of native American deaths
To profit their country
Why did mercantilism arise
Made the church of England
What did king Henry VIII do win the pope refused to grant him a divorce
It balanced power
How did the Spanish Armadas defeat affect England and France
Who did the dutch become rivals with
Land and fame
Besides gold, what were most explore searching for
Fur trading and fishing
What did the French get their profits in
Spanish were always looking for
New York
Albany was founded as a Dutch fur-trading post in 1624 called
Iroquois and Huron
The two main native American rivals in the north east were
Pots and pans and weapons
What did the French trade with the Native Americans
They brought disease but also traded
How did the dutch presence impact Native Americans
Ice-skating, cookies, and Santa Claus
Name some things the dutch brought to the Americas
Protestant reformation
In 1517, a movement that divided the Catholic Church
Sailed to the southern tip of Africa for Portugal in 1488
De Gama
Sailed around Africa to reach India in 1498, opening an all water route for Portugal
He claimed Brazil for Portugal in 1500.
He claimed the Pacific ocean for Spain.
His crew was the first to circumnavigate the earth. They left Spain in 1519 and returned three years later in 1522.
He conquered the Aztecs and their leader Montezuma and claimed their empire for Spain.
He conquered the Incas and killed their leader Atahualpa taking empire for Spain.
De Leon
He was a Spanish explorer who claimed Puerto Rico and Florida while searching for the fountain of youth.
De Vaca + Estevancio
They survived a shipwreck off the coast of Texas and traveled more than 1,000 miles on foot exploring much of the Southwest.
He was searching for the Seven cities of gold and explored much of the Southwest also discovered the Grand Canyon
De Soto
He led a Spanish expedition to the Mississippi River exploring much of the Southeastern lands of America
Early English explorer who sailed along the east coast of North America
An Italian who sailed for the French into New York Harbor.
He explored the St. Lawrence River and Canada for the French.
He searched for the Northwest passage and sailed for both England and the Netherlands finding a bay and a river which were named after him.
He was called the ¨ Father of New France¨. HE founded Quebec in Canada
Marquette and Joliet
They explored much of the Mississippi River for France.
He was a French explorer who claimed all of the Mississippi River down to the gulf of Mexico and named it Louisiana after King Louis XIV.
An English sea dog(pirate) who became the first Englishmen to sail around the world
The Viking sailor who was the first European to set foot in North America.
The Italian who sailed west from Spain and unknowingly found the New World
America is named after this man
Prince Henry
A navigator that started a school
Martin Luther
A priest that protested against the Catholic church