Daily Scrum - Myth or Fact Cards


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1) The duration of the daily Scrum depends on the number of team members in the Scrum team.
Myth - Its always max of 15 minutes and mostly standing is recommended as this keeps the discussion to the point.
2) The development team is responsible for conducting the Daily Scrum, the Scrum Master needs to ensure that teams do it daily.
Fact. Scrum Master should coach the purpose of daily Scrum. The development team should do Daily Scrum even if Scrum Master is on a vacation or not available that day due to some other conflict
3) Daily Scrum should be terminated after the time-box even if some team members have not spoken yet.
Fact - Although its important to remind the team members that daily scrum is not for problem solving
4) The purpose of Daily Scrum is to inspect and adapt daily so that teams need not again inspect and adapt at the end of the sprint.
Myth - Daily Scrum is a daily planning event that is all.
5) The Daily Scrum is for the Scrum team to inspect the progress towards the sprint goal.
True - This a great place to see how the team is reaching towards the goal of the sprint and readust as needed.
6) The Scrum master has to ask the three questions and get answers from each team member in the daily Scrum.
Myth. Team members typically answer the three questions on their own.
7) The Scrum Master needs to make notes of the daily scrum and send it to Product owner so that he is kept up-to date on the progress.
Myth. Daily Scrum is not a status report meeting.
8) The daily Scrum is held at same place and same time every day.
Fact. If people are remote its best to use a video format so we can see each other.
9) The Product owner has to give his update along with the team in the daily Scrum.
Myth. Daily Scrum is only for the development team, however its is recommended that Product Owner also be part of the daily scrum, listening or even giving an update on what he is doing
10) Daily Scrum is Done Daily
Fact: Of course! Best done in the morning as a team planning event where members speak of impediments, ask each other where they need help, if anyone has other commitments that day when they may not be available for the team etc.
0 - This set of cards is about Daily Scrum