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Milady - Chapter 16

is the use of electrical devices for therapeutic benefits.
Another name for the Magnifying lamp.
The Magnifying lamp has various powers of magnification known as:
Woods Lamp
Developed by American Physicist Robert Williams Wood.
Woods Lamp
is a filtered black light that is used to illuminate fungi, bacterial disorders, pigmentation problems, and other skin problems.
The two significant reactions in using Galvanic Current.
Germicidal Action
The mercury in quartz electrodes increases:
A unit of electrical pressure is called:
An electrical appliance will not operate if the circuit is:
Cause sparks and start a fire
A cream with flammable base could:
A mechanical electrical device used to change a direct current so it can be used to power alternating current appliances is called:
The amount of electrical potential available for use in the form of electricity is referred to as:
Electric Pulverizer
Plant extracts and herb teas are sprayed onto the face with the:
The creation of ozone
The odd smell in the air during high frequency treatment is caused by:
A device that changes alternating current into direct current is:
Good conductor and shock a patron
The patron should remove all jewelry when you are using electricity because:
is a safety device used in electrical circuits:
Breaks in the wiring insulation
A short circuit in an electrical system could be caused from:
During the high frequency treatment, special care should be taken when cream is used on the scalp or skin in order to make sure it does not contain:
Dry skin
Indirect high frequency treatment is given to clients who have:
More than 5 times
High frequency should never be used for:
True or False: Similar charges repel and opposites attack.
A safety device used to prevent electrical appliances from overheating is called:
Decrease sparks and ground current
An aestheticism places the index finger on the top of the glass rake to:
Alkaline and is pushed into the skin
Anaphoresis is when the solution is:
Galvanic Current
The client holds the inactive electrode and the operator the active electrode in:
Stand on dry surface
what must be done before a fuse can be replaced when it is blown out?
Heat and germicidal effect
High frequency therapy may produce:
Tesla Current
The most popular high frequency current used is called:
Electrical current is measured in units called:
Electrons have a (what charge):
The current flow returns to its source
a complete circuit is formed when:
A substance which resists the passage of an electric current is
Pressure or force of an electrical current
A volt may be described as a measurement of the:
The path of an electrical current is known as a/an:
electrical power consumed
A watt is a measure of the:
The positive electrode is called the:
Replaceable electrical devices prevents appliances from overheating and possible property damage:
Short Circuit
The use of too many electrical appliances at any one given time may result in:
Using a double insulator
Grounding is done for safety: One method of grounding appliances is:
True or False: Galvanic current can be changed from negative to positive polarity by flipping a switch:
The amount of resistance in a conductor is measured in:
Circuit Breaker
A device that stops the flow of current and shuts off the power when tripped is called a:
A current that moves in only one direction (such as a battery) followed by the electron flow from negative to positive is called:
Get shocked
If your body acts as a conductor and the current flows through you, you will:
The electric mask produces:
Skin burns
Set a timer for three minutes when using high frequency because over exposure can cause:
Above a Milliampere
Regardless of the type of electrotherapy used on a patron, the current should never go:
Negative Electrode
Which electrode is used first when using galvanic current?
Could kill you or your client
The current that comes from the wall outlet has 110 volts and if applied directly:
Oily Skins
The carbonic gas spray is used primarily on:
An Insulator
To prevent a current from moving someplace we do not want it go, we use:
There is no perfect conductor since all substances offer some opposition to the current. This opposition is called:
The measurement used to define electric power (voltage and current weighed together)
Protects and covers wire conducting current:
The negative electrode is the:
Blemished skin
The suction machine is usually used on small sections of the face to treat:
Milliampere meter
Indicates current flow:
Effortlessly allow the flow of current
A conductor of electricity will:
Rubber and silk make good
A constant electrical current flowing only in one direction is called:
The electrical method of removing unwanted hair is called:
Alternating current
An electrical current that flows first in one direction and then in the reverse direction is:
Electric machines will operate only if the circuit is:
Cold, invisible rays
UV rays are:
a 1/1000 part of an ampere is called a/an:
True or False: the tesla current is commonly called the infra-red ray:
Deep pore cleansing
The suction machine is helpful in:
Soft brush
When treating sensitive or dry skin with the brushing machine, it is recommended to use:
Magnifying Lamp
When analyzing a patron's skin, the aesthetician should use a skin scope or:
Underlining skin conditions
The wood's lamp utilizes
Brown areas
When using the wood's lamp, pigmentation and dark spots on the skin will be visible as:
Water-soluble products
The main function of the galvanic machine is to introduce into the skin:
Alkaline reaction
Use the negative pole will result in:
Skin care machines
Electricity supplies both heat and light, and is capable of operating:
When using the wood's lamp, normal skin appears:
The galvanic machine is used primarily for ionization and:
The process whereby the galvanic machine introduces the acid PH products into the skin is known as:
Skin scope
An elaborate magnifying lamp for evaluating the skin is a:
Close the pores
The positive pole may be used to:
Held in the client's hand
During the disincrustation process, the positive pole on the galvanic machine should be:
True or False: Polarity refers to the poles in an electrical current that are opposites:
Electrodes high frequency treatment are made of metal and:
Increase blood circulation
The use of high frequency current will:
The spray machine is the same as the:
Violet Ray
When using the high frequency machine, a characteristics is the appearance of a:
Cotton Pads
Before the brushing machine is used, the must be cleansed with viscose sponges or:
Deep pore penetration
The electric mask is used to assist in:
Therapeutic Lamp
An electrical apparatus that produces certain light rays is a:
The action of ultra-violet rays is both germicidal and:
The carbonic gas spray will usually cause the acidity level of the skin to:
Broken Capillaries
The electric mask should not be used on skin with a lot of:
Overexposure to ultra-violet rays may cause tissue:
Distilled water
The facial vaporizer reservoir is filled with:
True or False: Tesla current is the same as high frequency current:
Galvanic Current
A constant and direct current rectified to a safe, low voltage level is called the:
Positive Pole
Acid PH solutions are forced into the skin with the:
Having opposite poles in an electrical current is know as:
The procedure that softens and liquefies grease deposits in the follicles is called:
Heavily couperosed skin
The suction machine may be used for all skin with the exception of: