Sprint Review - Myth and Fact Cards


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0) This Myth and Fact deck is about the Event Sprint Review
1) It is a formal meeting where the product owner demonstrates the working software to stakeholders to get feedback.
Myth. The entire team shows the product to stakeholders to seek product feedback.
2) The teams can show recording of the working functionality during the sprint review so as to timebox the review
Myth. Its best to show review over a live session.
3) Only the Scrum master can update the product backlog based on the feedback received from the stakeholders during the sprint review.
Myth. Anyone can update from the Scrum team. But mostly product owner does.
4) The product owner should have already accepted the Product Backlog items for it to be shown to stakeholders.
5) Partially done product backlog items can be shown during the sprint review.
Myth. Only items completely as per the definition of done is shown here.
6) The development team, Scrum Master, Product owner and other key stakeholders participate in the sprint review.
Fact. Yes the entire team is here.
7) The purpose of Sprint Review is to improve the process.
Myth. The purpose of Sprint Review is to improve the product.
8) Sprint Review should be postponed if the team has not completed the PBI's yet. Once they complete the items planned for the Sprint then the ScrumMaster should call for a Sprint Review
Myth. Sprint Review is one of the core events of Scrum and is never cancelled.