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The City of History


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5 basic elements
Street, square, courtyard, object building, and space preceding the object building
4 types of squares
1. PIAZZA- Italian
2. PLAZA - Spanish
3. PLACE - French
4. PARK- North American
Piazza- Italian
Architecture and space
Plaza - Spanish
Architecture and landscape
Place - French
Architecture and garden
Park- North American
Architecture and Nature
Urban Face
face, or surface of a building and its perception
Urban Space
the connection it has with the buildings around it and its individual pieces
"...the vertical surface can only remain the threshold of understanding. For while the plan, as a document addressed to the mind, will always be the primary concept, the vertical surface, as a presentation addressed to the eye, will always be THE PRIMARY PERCEPT, will never be other than the beginning of comprehension."
Colin Rowe
"... façades are not just the skin of the box or the surface for signs; they are the boundary WALLS OF URBAN ROOMS, THE STREET AND THE SQUARE."
Steven Peterson
"I would say that architecture occurs at the meeting of particular interior forces of use and space, and particular and general exterior forces of environment. Architecture as the wall between the inside and the outside becomes the spatial record of this reconciliation and its drama."
Robert Venturi
" The façade is still the most essential architectural element capable of communicating the function and significance of a building. I say "still," having in mind its theoretical destruction proclaimed in the twentieth century where the IDEOLOGY OF THE FREESTANDING OBJECT, visible from all sides, became predominant."
Rob Krier