Leg Muscle Functions

33 terms by JeanB2010

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Rectus Femoris

Extends Leg at Knee Joint


Flexes, Abducts, and Laterally Rotates Thigh at Hip Joint; Flexes Leg at Knee Joint

Vastus Lateralis

Extends Leg at Knee Joint (lateral side of thigh)

Vastus Medialis

Extends Leg at Knee Joint (medial side of thigh)

Vastus Intermedius

Extends Leg at Knee Joint


Adducts Thigh (Flexes Leg and helps rotate it Medially)

Tensor Fascia Latae

Abducts, Medially Rotates, and Flexes Thigh; Steadies Trunk on Thigh


Adducts and Flexes Thigh; assists with medial rotation of thigh

Tibialis Anterior

Dorsiflexes Ankle and Inverts Foot


Plantarflexes Ankle, Raises Heel during Walking


Plantarflexes Ankle and Steadies Leg on Foot (underneath Gastrocnemius - shaped like sole fish)

Adductor Longus

Adducts and Flexes the Thigh, and helps to Laterally Rotates the Hip Joint


Flex Thigh at Hip Joint and Stablilize thie joint


Extend Thigh; Flex Leg and Rotate it Medially (when thigh and leg are flexed, they can Extend Trunk)


Extend Thigh; Flex leg and Rotate it Medially (when thigh and leg are flexed, they can Extend Trunk)

Biceps Femoris

Flexes leg and Rotates it Laterally; extend thigh (e.g., when starting to walk)

Gluteus Medius

Abduct and Medially Rotate Thigh (Steady Pelvis on Leg when opposite leg is raised)

Gluteus Minimus

Abduct and Medially Rotate Thigh; Steady Pelvis on leg when opposite leg is raised

Gluteus Maximus

Extends Thigh and Assists in its Lateral Rotation(steadies thigh and assists in raising trunk from flexed position - i.e. getting up from sitting position)

Adductor Brevis

Adducts Thigh

Adductor Magnus

Adducts Thight (its adductor part also flexes thigh, and its hamstring part extends it)

(Obturator Internus)

Laterally Rotate Extended Thigh and Abduct flexed thigh; steady femoral head in acetabulum


Laterally Rotates and Stabilizes Hip

(Inferior Gemellus)

Laterally Rotate extended thigh and Abduct flexed thigh (same as Obturator Internus)

(Superior Gemellus)

Laterally Rotate extended thigh and Abduct flexed thigh (same as Obturator Internus and Inferior Gemellus)

Peroneus Brevis

Evert Foot and Weakly Plantarflex Ankle

Peroneus Longus

Evert Foot and wekaly Plantarflex Ankle (same as Peroneus Longus)

Peroneus Tertius

Dorsiflexes Ankle and Aids in Eversion of Foot

Extensor Digitorum Longus

Extends Lateral Four Digits and Dorsiflexes Ankle

Flexor Digitorum Longus

FLEXES Lateral Four Digits and Plantarflexes Ankle (supports longitudinal arches of foot)

Extensor Hallucis Longus

Extends Great Toe and Dorsiflexes Ankle

Flexor Hallucis Longus

Flexes Great Toe at All Joints and Plantarflexes Ankle (supports medial longitudinal arch of foot)

Tibialis Posterior

Plantarflexes Ankle and Inverts Foot

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