Chapter 19 - Air Pressure and Wind

air pressure
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Polar Easterlieswinds that plow from the polar high toward the subpolar low N Polar Easterlies - 60oN - 90oN S Polar Easterlies - 60oS - 90oSPolar FrontInteraction of warm and cool air masses that produces a stormy belt in the middle latitudesMonsoona seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and Southeast Asia, blowing from the southwest between May and September and bringing rain (the wet monsoon ), or from the northeast between October and April (the dry monsoon ).Prevailing winda wind from the direction that is predominant at a particular place or season.Anemometeran instrument for measuring the speed of the wind, or of any current of gas.El Niñoin intervals of 3-7 years, this warm countercurrent becomes unusually strong and replaces normally cold offshore waters with warm equatorial waters.La Niñaan atmospheric phenomenon that occurs when colder than normal air blows over the Pacific Northwest