17 terms

assessment and measurement ch. 3

learning objective or learning target
focus instruction and assessment, and they also focus students and teachers on the knowledge and skills intended for learning.
three fundamental steps of instruction
1. decide what the student is to learn
2. carry out the actual instruction
3. evaluate the learning
educational goals
give direction and purpose to planning overall educational activities; appear in reports prepared by state departments etc; broad goal serve as a curriculum framework within which educators can define specific learning targets
general learning target
a statement of an expected learning outcome that is derived from an educational goal
specific learning target
a clear statement about what students are to achieve at the end of a unit of instruction
statements about what students are expected to learn
mastery learning targets
statements of what students can do at the end of instruction
developmental learning targets
statements of skills and abilities that student are expected to develop continuously throughout life
any of several methods of classifying the cognitive level of learning targets, instructional activities and assessment questions or tasks
cognitive domain
learning targets that focus on memory, thinking, and reasoning
affective domain
learning targets that focus on feelings, interests, attitudes, and dispositions
psychomotor domain
learning targets that focus on motor skills and perceptual processes
bloom's taxonomy
knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation
revised taxonomy
1. knowledge dimension (factual knowledge, conceptual knowledge, procedural knowledge, and metacognitive knowledge) 2. cognitive process dimension (remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create)
student centered
learning target focused on the student and his or her performance
performance centered
learning target involving an action verb that expresses a student performance
content centered
learning target should indicate the content to which a student's performance should apply