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Clean claims

claims with all the correct information necessary for payer processing


a condition that data must meet to be selected

navigator buttons

buttons that simplify the task of moving from one entry to another

Why is it easier to enter large insurance payments in the deposit list dialog box than in the transaction entry dialog box?

The deposit list is efficient for entering large insurance payment that must be split up and applied to a number of different patients

Why do charges need to be adjusted for patients who are covered under capitated insurance plan?

to indicate that the insurance company has met its obligation and that the patient has also done so by paying the co-payment

Why is it important to understand the differences among different types of health plans?

Different health plans pay for certain a certain percentage and cover certain procedures and cost

What would happen if a capitated patient account was not adjusted to a zero balance?

they would still have payments on their charges

what is the purpose of reviewing a remittance advice before entering payments and adjustments?

To review the payment amount against the expected amount

If the office manager asked you for a list of procedure codes representing services performed on a particular day, what report would you create in Medisoft?

A procedure day sheet

What would the consequences be if a medical practice did not produce patient aging reports on a regular basis?

They would lose track of how much money is owed to them

By law, payment plans cannot include finance charges


An account is considered current if it is paid within thirty days


What is the purpose of a medical practices financial policy?

To tell patients how the practice handles financial matters

Why would an office switch from a paper-based system to a computerized-base scheduling system? what are some advantages of a computerized scheduling system?

Computerized- based system has more advantages of saving and adding information. Insurance also shows up after scheduling a patient appoinment

How does efficient scheduling contribute to the financial success of the practice?

it is easier to collect overdue accounts when a patient is in the office


a person who is admitted to the hospital and stays overnight, usually several days or weeks


a person who is not hospitalized for 24 hours or more but may visit a hospital


the use of computerized tools, to create and sign prescriptions for medicines

Medicare part a

part of the federally funded medicare insurance program that covers hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and other non-ambulatory services

Medicare part b

part of the federally funded medicare insurance programs that cover medical providers supervision and other ambulatory services


The ability to walk or to move from one place to another


electronic health record


electronic medical record


personal health record


computer-based patient record


continuity of care document

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