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=a sudden event such as a flood, storm, or accident which causes great damage or suffering. Ex. People need to prepare for natural _________.
= a mountain with a large hole at the top, through which lava (=very hot liquid rock) is sometimes forced out. Ex. There are _______ in Hawaii.
= a sudden shaking of the Earth's surface that often causes a lot of damage. Ex. There was a big ________ in San Francisco in 1906.
= large amount of snow, ice, and rocks that falls down the side of a mountain. Ex. Two skiers were killed in the ____________.
=when a lot of wet earth suddenly falls down the side of a hill. Ex. There was a big _______ on the coastal highway.
= when a volcano explodes and sends smoke, fire, and rock into the sky. Ex. The volcano ________ last night.
= when something is broken or harmed. Ex. Many roads were ________ in the earthquake.
=when something is damaged so badly that it is gone or cannot be used or repaired. Ex. The house was completely __________ in the storm.
= to build something again, after it has been damaged or destroyed. Ex. They ________ the house after it was destroyed in the storm.
= to fix something that is damaged, broken, split, or not working properly. Ex. They need to ________ the road.
=a storm over the the Atlantic Ocean that has very strong fast winds and that moves over water. Ex. Florida often gets hit by _________.
= an extremely violent storm consisting of air that spins very quickly and causes a lot of damage. Ex. The Midwest states sometimes get _________.
= a very violent tropical storm that happens in the Pacific Ocean. Ex. There was a big __________ that hit Japan.
= when a place is covered by water. Ex. There was a lot of __________ because of the hurricane.
to continue to live after an accident, disaster, or illness. Ex. They _______ the earthquake, but many people were killed.
= to save someone or something from a situation of danger or harm. Ex. Firefighters __________ several people from the building.
=a long period of dry weather when there is not enough water for plants and animals to live. Ex. There was a big ________ in California.
= to give something, especially money, to a person or an organization in order to help them. Ex. Many people ________ money and food to help the victims of the storm.
= to collect money that you can use to do a particular job or help people. Ex. They had a concert to ________ money for poor people.
= an organization that gives money, goods, or help to people who are poor, sick etc. Ex. Red Cross and Doctors without Borders are examples of _________ organizations.
= when an area has little or no food for a long time and many people die. Ex. There was a terrible ________ because of the drought and war.
=to suffer or die because you do not have enough to eat. Ex. Many people are ________ in poor countries.
= when something bad suddenly happens. Ex. The earthquake _________ early in the morning.
first responders
= (2 words) people such as police, firefighters, etc who go in to an area after a disaster happens. Ex. The president thanked the _________.
= money, food, clothes etc given to people who are poor or hungry. Ex. They raised money for the _______ effort after the storm.
=when there is no electricity or lights and everything is dark. (also: power outage). Ex. There was a ________ because of the storm.
= to make something smaller or less in size, amount, etc. Ex. They added extra support to their house to ________ the damage from an earthquake.
=to make something as small as possible. Ex. By preparing, people can ________ the damage caused by storms.
= to do something that you know may have dangerous or unpleasant results. Ex. She _______ her life to save the old man.
=the chance that something will happen. Ex. Adding support to your house can reduce the _________ of damage in an earthquake.
= to take people away from a dangerous place to a safe place. Ex. They needed to ________ the area because of the fire.
=people who are hurt or suffer because of something bad that happens. Ex. They comforted the ________ of the shooting.
= a company, business, group etc that has been formed for a particular purpose. Ex. There are many ________ that try to help people after disasters.
=an unexpected and dangerous situation that must be dealt with immediately. Ex. He is very calm in ____________.
= when people work together to do something. Ex. After the storm, people had to _______ to get everyone out.
= food, clothes, and things necessary for daily life. Ex. They brought _______ by ship for the storm victims.
= to say that something will happen, before it happens. Ex. Scientists cannot ________ when earthquakes will happen.
= when something is a surprise and you didn't know it was coming. Ex. The attack was completely ____________.
= to do things to help you with something that will happen in the future. Ex. People need to ________ for earthquakes.
= a very sad event, that shocks people because it involves death. Ex. The shooting was a terrible ________.
= an emergency situation with a lot of problems that needs fast action. Ex. After the storm, there was a _______ because people had no food or water.
= an act of violence that is intended to hurt a person or damage a place. Ex. There were several terrorist _______ last summer.
= when there is a loud sound and the energy produced by something such as a bomb bursting into small pieces. Ex. They heard an ________.
= when people are injured by a gun. Ex. There was a mass __________ in Las Vegas.
= a situation in which there is not enough of something that people need. Ex. There was a food ________ after the storm.
= extremely brave or determined, and admired by many people. Ex. Her actions were ________ during the shooting.
= the quality of being brave when you are facing a difficult or dangerous situation. Ex. It took a lot of _________ to go back and help people in the fire.
= when someone controls their fear and goes into a dangerous situation. Ex. She was so _______ when the shooting happened.
= feeling sympathy for people who are suffering. Ex. Sometimes disasters can make people more _______________.
= someone who has been forced to leave their country, especially during a war, or for political or religious reasons. Ex. After the war, there were many ________ from Syria.
= someone who does a job willingly without being paid. Ex. Many _________ came to help with the clean up after the storm.
look out for each other
= (5-word idiom) when people think about and try to help other people. Ex. During emergencies, even strangers __________.
= something that may be dangerous, or cause accidents or problem. Ex. There was a big fire _________ because it was very hot and dry.
=when you help others even though it doesn't get you anything. Ex. After disasters, people are often very _________.
=to make someone feel less worried, unhappy, or upset, for example by saying kind things to them or touching them. Ex. They tried to ________ the victims of the shooting.
=to keep someone or something safe from being hurt. Ex. She tried to __________ her child from the shooter with her own body.
= when people are stuck in a place and cannot leave. Ex. They were ________ at the airport because all flights were canceled.
= when you are in a bad place or situation and can't get out. Ex. He was ________ under the car.
= a situation in which you have a lot of problems that seem to be caused by bad luck. Ex. People were very brave in the face of __________.
= to die from being under water for too long. Ex. Many people _________ when the ship crashed.
= to die because you can't breathe. Ex. Some people ________ because of the smoke in the fire.
= when a building down suddenly, usually because it is weak or damaged. Ex. The building __________ during the earthquake.
= someone who is hurt or killed in an accident, disaster, or war. Ex. The attack caused several _________.

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