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History Final Exam Study Guide

Why did the so called Opium Wars occur?
Opium was smuggled by merchants from British India into China in defiance of Chinese prohibition laws
Who was involved in the Opium Wars?
China and Britain
Did the Manzhu rulers of China eliminate Confucionism after 1800?
What was the most violent internal rebellion in 19th century China?
Taiping Rebellion
Who were the Taiping rebel were led by?
Hong Xiuquan
What sort of socio-political movement did Sun Yat-sen lead?
What was the Kuomintang in 1940s China?
Chinese Nationalist party
Why did Mao Zedong undertake the "Long March" to western China?
to evade the KMT party
What does the Meiji Restoration in 19th century Japan mean?
a chain of events that led to enormous changes in Japan's political and social structure
Which country in South East Asia did not become a European colony?
What social classes in Russia supported Lenin and the Bolsheviks in the October of 1917 Revolution?
working class
In the early 1920s, who was Lenin's closest associate and apparent succesor as leader of the Soviet state?
Who was Joseph Stalin?
leader of the Soviet Union
During Stalin's five-year development plans, what happened to the independent farmers (kulaks)?
resettled to Siberia and Central Asia
Why was Ivan Denisovich a prisoner in a Soviet concentration camp?
accused of becoming a spy
What is existentialism?
an attitude that stresses the individual's unique position as a self-determining agent responsible for the authenticity of his or her choices
Which country did Benito Mussolini bring Fascism to?
What was the European nation that had the highest inflation rates in the 1930s, the years before World War II?
Which country did the Nazi invade to start World War II?
Which of the following was a part of Hitler's call to arms in Mein Kampf?
anti-semitism, rejection of versailles treaty, confiscation of illicit war profits, protection of the middle class, land redistribution for the peasants
What sort of opposites does the concept of Cold War imply?
two countries do not directly fight each other
What does the Treaty of Rome in 1957 have to do with the unification of Europe?
it created a single market and trading system for most European countries
When did African nations gain their political independence and how? Give two examples.
they gained their political independence after WWII
In what African country does the story of God's Bits of Wood take place?
What caused the conflict in the story of God's Bits of Wood?
women being deprived of rights
What are some examples of Third world countries that industrialized after 1945?
What kinds of governments emerged in Latin America after 1945? Give a case example.
socialism and communism
What do scholars mean by Arab nationalism? Give a case example.
celebration of Arab civilization and history; opposed to Western influence
What are the demands of the Palestinian people in Israel and the West Bank?
control of Jerusalem,
According to the World Bank, what has happened to the income gap between developing nations and developed ones since 1960? Has the difference diminished or increased? Give an example?
the difference has increased
What factors are behind the migrations of people from the developing countries to Western Europe and the United States after 1960?