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  1. a One of the main differences between the intaglio and the relief printing processes is that with intaglio the ink ________ the surface of the printing plate.
    a. lies above
    b. lies below
    c. lies even with
    d. is forced through
    e. None of these answers is correct.
  2. b Pen and ink was the favorite sketching medium of ________, one of the greatest draftsmen of the 17th century.
    a. Lippi
    b. All of these answers are correct.
    c. Rembrandt
    d. Degas
    e. Picasso
  3. c Edgar Degas drew a grid over his study of a dancer in order to:
    a. None of these answers is correct.
    b. double-check the dancer's proportions.
    c. make sure the figure would fit on the page.
    d. suggest that the dancer is being viewed through a window.
    e. make the drawing easier to copy.

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  1. The work of Sol LeWitt can best be described as:
    a. pointillist.
    b. cubist.
    c. gestural.
    d. impressionistic.
    e. conceptual.
  2. During the 20th century, which of the following became a recognized element of art?
    a. Motion
    b. Texture
    c. Color
    d. Line
    e. Shape
  3. In Albrecht Dürer's woodcut The Draftsman Drawing a Reclining Nude, the draftsman is using a device to help him achieve the effect of:
    a. foreshortening.
    b. chiaroscuro.
    c. a restricted palette.
    d. the illusion of motion.
    e. simultaneous contrast.
  4. In fresco painting, a drawing called a ________ is transferred to the prepared surface prior to applying the pigment.
    a. Cartoon
    b. mosaic
    c. collage
    d. gouache
    e. sketch
  5. In oil painting, linseed oil acts as:
    a. a pigment.
    b. a ground.
    c. a border.
    d. a support.
    e. a binder.

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  1. aCharles White's Untitled illustrates the technique of:
    a. hatching.
    b. atmospheric perspective.
    c. impasto.
    d. saturation.
    e. foreshortening.


  2. bIn buon fresco, or true fresco, pigment is mixed with water and applied to:
    a. dry plaster.
    b. stretched canvas.
    c. hot beeswax.
    d. wet plaster.
    e. raw silk.


  3. bSol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #122 is an example of:
    a. surrealism.
    b. realism.
    c. None of these answers is correct.
    d. conceptual art.
    e. pointillism.


  4. d________ is watercolor that has been made opaque by adding inert white pigment to it.
    a. Encaustic
    b. Impasto
    c. Fresco
    d. Gouache
    e. None of these answers is correct.


  5. cSinging Their Songs was created by:
    a. Louise Bourgeois.
    b. Francisco de Goya.
    c. Vija Celmins.
    d. Elizabeth Catlett.
    e. Enrique Chagoya.