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Compromise of 1850

California is a free state and in New Mexico and Utah the people would decide if they are free or not

Fugitive slave act

Any runaway slave needed to be returned to their master

Election of 1860

the South did not like Abraham Lincoln becoming president because they feared he would become an abolitionist.


someone who wants to free the slave


a state withdrawing from the union

South Carolina

the first state to go into secession

Confederate States of America

the states that secession occurred in formed this

Abraham Lincoln

president of the Union

Jefferson Davis

president of the Confederacy

Ulysses Grant

Union army general

Robert E Lee

Confederate army general

Abraham Lincoln

Who won the election of 1860?


The steps taken to restore the Southern states into the Union.

Freed man

a former slave

The Black Codes

laws that restricted the freed men's actions, conduct, and movement

Freedmen's Bureau

government agency that provided food, clothing, and basic medical needs and education for freed men

13th Amendment

abolished slavery

14th Amendment

all former slave are now citizens

15th Amendment

gave freed men the right to vote

unification movement

a movement by a group of people and planned to push the right to vote for freedmen

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