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  1. True or False: Because sociology is based on common sense, it is an excellent discipline for students to study who approach the world in a rational, matter-of-fact way.
  2. Someone with an outstanding gift or exceptional quality that draws others to them and their message is said to possess ________.
  3. When young people enter college as resident students, they must learn new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors. This is an example of ________.
  4. True or False: Emile Durkheim identified the degree of social integration as the primary variable to explain different rates of suicide within different European nations.
  1. a charisma
  2. b False
  3. c resocialization
  4. d True

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  1. True
  2. symbolic interactionism
  3. agents of socialization
  4. Edwin Sutherland
  5. "Religion is ... the opium of the people."

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  1. What was the result of research on mother-child bonding based on hours per week children spent in day care?Both the bride and groom are older than at any other time.


  2. The notion that only the fittest members of society deserve to survive and that social programs to help the poor will ultimately weaken the social order is a doctrine known as Darwinism


  3. Jewelry, art, hairstyles, and clothing each represent examples of we want others to perceive us


  4. True or false: Everyone who shares a respective ethnic identity expresses that identity through the same ethnic work.True


  5. With 54 million members, which denomination has the highest membership in the United States?Roman Catholic