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  1. Most American high schools routinely schedule ceremonies to recognize the most talented student athletes and scholars. Such activities illustrate the importance that Americans place on which value, as defined by sociologist Robin Williams?
  2. People who are prejudiced against one racial or ethnic group tend to be prejudiced against other groups.
  3. How should a sociologist's values affect his or her research, according to Max Weber?
  4. What term is used to describe children who are assumed to have been raised by animals in the wilderness and isolated from other children, such as the "wild boy of Aveyron"?
  1. a True
  2. b feral
  3. c achievement and success
  4. d Research should be value free.

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  1. pluralism
  2. Race varies, depending upon the society in which its meaning is constructed.
  3. False
  4. Their location in the social structure has created the difference between Milo's and Jim's reactions.
  5. True

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  1. True or False: There is nothing "natural" about material or nonmaterial culture.False


  2. Which type of sociologists would consider deviance to be a natural part of society?being a high school dropout


  3. True or false: The word church, as used by Durkheim, is synonymous with the concept of a moral communityFalse


  4. Which of the following represents an achieved status?being a high school dropout


  5. True or false: The split labor market and reserve labor force are most aligned with the symbolic interactionist perspective.True