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  1. Synthesis
  2. Closed System
  3. Fuel
  4. Products
  5. Replacement
  1. a Matter is not allowed to enter or leave
  2. b The new materials at the end of a chemicle reaction
  3. c A material that releases energy when it burns
  4. d A Chemical Reaction in which two or more simple substances combine to form a new, more complex substance
  5. e A reaction in which one element replaces another in a compound, or when two elements in different compounds trade places.

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  1. Oxygen,Fuel,Heat
  2. A Reaction that releases energy in the form of heat
  4. Anything that has mass and takes up space
  5. proteins that act as biological catalysts and lower the activation energy of reactions in cells

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  1. CoeffecientThe number placed in front of a chemical formula in an equation


  2. Chemical Equationa shorthand way to use chemical symbols and numbers to describe a chemical reaction


  3. PrecipitateThe substances you have at the beginning of a chemical equation


  4. Physical ChangeA characteristic of a substance into another substance


  5. Fireworks are also known asAerial shells/charges