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  1. Fire Triangle
  2. Physical Change
  3. Closed System
  4. Matter
  5. Products
  1. a Oxygen,Fuel,Heat
  2. b Matter is not allowed to enter or leave
  3. c Anything that has mass and takes up space
  4. d Any Change that alters the form or appearance of a substance but that doesn't make the substance into another substance
  5. e The new materials at the end of a chemicle reaction

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  1. A Reaction that releases energy in the form of heat
  2. A characteristic of a substance into another substance
  3. The number placed in front of a chemical formula in an equation
  4. A reaction in which energy is absorbed
  5. The substances you have at the beginning of a chemical equation

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  1. ReplacementThe substances you have at the beginning of a chemical equation


  2. What silly name helps you remember the diatomicsAerial shells/charges


  3. Conservation of MassDuring a Chemical Reaction Matter is not created or destroyed


  4. ChemistryThe study of matter and how matter changes


  5. Fireworks are also known asOxygen,Fuel,Heat