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Test on Romeo and Juliet - Act 1 - Act 2


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How does the word dignity in line 1 of the prologue suggest both houses are alike?
Same social status
Where does the play take place?
Who do Sampson and Gregory first encounter in the city square?
Abram and Balthasar, of the Montagues
Who tries to discourage the battle?
Prince Escalus declares that the next time the families disturb the peace, they will pay
with their lives
Montague and Lady Montague are concerned about Romeo because
he is depressed
Capulet's initial objection to Paris courting his daughter is due to
his daughter only being 13
What irony faces Capulet's servant?
he cannot read
The servant approaches Romeo to ask
if he can read
The servant tells Romeo and Benvolio they may attend the party if
they are not Montagues
Benvolio suggests Romeo attend the party in order to
see if he might find another woman better than Rosaline
The first action Romeo takes at the dance is to
find out who Juliet is
When Tybalt discovers Romeo's presence at the feast, he
wants to duel him
What does Juliet discover about Romeo through the nurse at the end of the scene?
he's a Montague
Benvolio asks Mercutio to
help him find Romeo
Benvolio warns Mercutio that taunting Romeo will
make him mad
In Romeo's opening speech in Act 2, Scene 2, he refers to Juliet as
the sun
Romeo claims he does not know what name he should identify himself by because
he is a Montague
Juliet tells Romeo not to swear his love by the moon because
the moon changes
Romeo confesses that he has come to see the friar because
he wants to marry Juliet today
Romeo claims his love for Juliet is different from his love for Rosaline because
Juliet loves him
When the friar says Romeo's love "could read by rote, that could not spell," he suggests
Romeo is playing the part of the lover but is not really in love
Benvolio and Mercutio are discussing Tybalt because
Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a duel
The nurse warns Romeo against
falsely leading Juliet on
What is Juliet waiting for at the start of the scene?
for news from the nurse
At the end of the scene the nurse finally reveals that Romeo will
marry Juliet in the friar's cell
What will be Juliet's excuse for leaving the house to go to church that afternoon?
she will be in confession
What advice does the friar give Romeo about love at the start of Act 2, scene 6?
love moderately
The friar prays that the heavens will
smile upon Romeo and Juliet's marriage.
The friar compares too-passionate love to
fire and gunpowder.
Juliet considers herself wealthy because
she has real love