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Properties of Metalloids, Metals, and Nonmetals

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Physical Properties of metals
Malleable, Ductile, Luster, High Density, Good Conductors of heat and electricity, High melting point, hardness
Chemical Properties of metals
Corrosion, React vigoriously with acids not bases, lose valence electrons to form ions when bonding, like to react with nonmetals
Physical Properties of nonmetals
Poor Conductors of heat and electricity, dull, Brittle solids, Most are gases at room temperature, Low density, Low melting point, Not malleable, Not ductile
Chemical Properties of nonmetals
Like to react with metals, Gain valence electrons to form ions when bonding
Physical Properties of metalloids
Can be shiny or dull, Conductivity of heat and electricity better than nonmetals but not as good as metals. Solid at room temperature. Ductile, Malleable
Chemical Properties of Metalloids
To the right of the stairstep, elements gain electrons when bonding. To the left of the stairstep, elements lose electrons when bonding