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health people 2020

evidence based report card (10) years describing health-care accomplishments with in the U.S . from 2000-2010

health people 2020

a prescription for what needs to be done between now and the year 2020

health care 2020

published by USDHHS- U.S. department of health and health services

infant mortality rate

number of deaths that occur before 1 year of age per 1000 live births

standard of practice

guidelines used to determine type and quality of care provided to patient


nurse practice act defines scope of practice for nurses with in that state


nursing licensure compact
enables traveling nurses to function in multiple states

informed concept

providing patient with information regarding risks, advantage to, and possible alternatives available for a medical or surgical procedure


Article 1, Section 8; provide for the general welfare of the people and provides the spending power to do so


benefits received after contributions are made though payroll deductions


welfare programs benefits provided on a basis of need or poverty


center for disease control


requires standard of safety be maintained by employers to protect the health and safety of employees


health maintenance organizations; provide care for pre-paid members


contract with professionals to provide care to a specific group of patients at an agreed on fee for service rate


a medical condition classified system that determines what medicare will pay for health care service (diagnosis related group)


setting policy, providing information, and financing health care programs.

Political Action Committees (PAC's)

supporting legislators who vote for health care policies.

A theory is

a logical, consistent concept based on research findings

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