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  1. licentious
  2. conjure
  3. diaspora
  4. euphony
  5. recidivism
  1. a to cause to happen as if by magic; to summon a spirit by magic spell
  2. b pleasant sounds
  3. c lacking moral discipline or self-restraint, especially in sexual matters
  4. d any group migration or flight from a country; the diaspora of the Jews from their homeland in the Middle East
  5. e a relapse into a former habit, especially criminal or antisocial behavior

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  1. an expression of criticism for a fault or misdeed
  2. a country or persons engaged in warfare or hostile action, behaving in a hostile or aggressive manner
  3. kindly
  4. to speak harmful untruths about someone or something; intending harm or evil
  5. supreme blessedness; a series of declarations about blessedness made by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount

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  1. pungentto omit


  2. pugnaciouslying


  3. lucenthaving a strong, bitter taste or smell


  4. pugilistinflicting or intending punishment


  5. diatribepertaining to a diameter; exactly or completely opposite