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  1. remonstrate
  2. aesthete
  3. carte blanche
  4. castogate
  5. peccaillo
  1. a to punish
  2. b unrestricted power to act an one's discretion
  3. c a small sin
  4. d a person who cultivates a superior appreciation of beauty
  5. e to speak in protest or disapproval

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  1. to give a sketchy outline, to foreshadow indistinctly
  2. a vague feeling of ill health or depression
  3. transparent; very clear in meaning or style
  4. to speak harmful untruths about someone or something; intending harm or evil
  5. a maker of maps or charts

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  1. casuistrya keyboard instrument


  2. impunityexemption from punishment or penalty


  3. benisonan expression of criticism for a fault or misdeed


  4. pungentkindly


  5. probityto abolish


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