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  1. lucent
  2. debonair
  3. reproof
  4. allege
  5. aesthetic
  1. a pertaining to an appreciation of beauty
  2. b an expression of criticism for a fault or misdeed
  3. c to claim that something is true without necessarily having proof
  4. d shinning; translucent
  5. e suave

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  1. false
  2. kindly
  3. an organization of firms in the same industry for the purpose of regulating production, pricing and marketing of foods and decreasing competition by members; a coalition of political or special-interest groups to achieve a common cause
  4. faultless
  5. a small sin

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  1. mendicanta beggar


  2. adjureto cause to happen as if by magic; to summon a spirit by magic spell


  3. bona fideauthentic


  4. mendacioussensible


  5. aesthetea person who cultivates a superior appreciation of beauty