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  1. beatitude
  2. reproof
  3. subpoena
  4. expunge
  5. castogate
  1. a to punish
  2. b supreme blessedness; a series of declarations about blessedness made by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount
  3. c an expression of criticism for a fault or misdeed
  4. d to omit
  5. e a legal requirement that someone or something appear in court to give or be evidence

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  1. deficient in color; lacking color
  2. a person's strong point
  3. a keyboard instrument
  4. to speak badly of someone's character or reputation
  5. to act on another's behalf; to mediate in a dispute

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  1. vindictivea private


  2. lucentclearly expressed; logical


  3. compunctioninflicting or intending punishment


  4. apolexya cover for a coffin or tomb; a coffin


  5. impugnkindly, not malignant