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  1. abjure
  2. compunction
  3. punctilious
  4. melfeasance
  5. mendicant
  1. a a beggar
  2. b uneasiness caused by guilt
  3. c precise
  4. d misconduct
  5. e to renounce formally

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  1. random
  2. a right or privilege belonging to a particular person
  3. to act as a judge
  4. to banish to a place of exile
  5. praise

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  1. bonanzeto cause to happen as if by magic; to summon a spirit by magic spell


  2. chastento seek to improve through punishment


  3. denigrateto speak badly of someone's character or reputation


  4. exhortshinning; translucent


  5. boona mountebank; something that separates itself from the community or the normal standard often with fearful results


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