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  1. castogate
  2. reprobate
  3. concession
  4. adumbrate
  5. perogative
  1. a to punish
  2. b to give a sketchy outline, to foreshadow indistinctly
  3. c the act of granting or yielding; permission by authority for special use, especially the privilege of setting up a business in a certain place
  4. d a morally decadent person
  5. e a right or privilege belonging to a particular person

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  1. marked by a strong urging to take some action
  2. a person's strong point
  3. to act as a judge
  4. to cause to happen as if by magic; to summon a spirit by magic spell
  5. a prophetic disclosure or revelation; any widespread destruction; the last book of the Bible also known as the Revelation

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  1. debonaira rich mass of ore; an unexpected source of great wealth


  2. legatea representative sent on a special mission, especially one representing the pope


  3. belligerenta country or persons engaged in warfare or hostile action, behaving in a hostile or aggressive manner


  4. impeccablea small sin


  5. predatorypreying on other animals; plundering