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  1. subpoena
  2. euphemism
  3. castogate
  4. apolexy
  5. melfeasance
  1. a the use of a mild, vague word instead of a more explicit one
  2. b a legal requirement that someone or something appear in court to give or be evidence
  3. c a stroke
  4. d misconduct
  5. e to punish

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  1. courage in enduring pain or trouble
  2. the use of moral principles to reason out what is right or wrong in everyday situations; subtle but misleading or false application of reasoning
  3. uneasiness caused by guilt
  4. a person who cultivates a superior appreciation of beauty
  5. clearly expressed; logical

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  1. approbationpraise


  2. impugnto omit


  3. maladroitthe misuse of a word, especially when unintentional, with comic effect


  4. abateto make a situation especially an offensive one seem less serious; to alleviate


  5. punitiveinflicting or intending punishment