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  1. carte blanche
  2. perjury
  3. malevolent
  4. beatific
  5. peccaillo
  1. a demonstrating extreme joy or blessedness
  2. b malicious; wishing to harm someone
  3. c unrestricted power to act an one's discretion
  4. d a small sin
  5. e the intentional giving of false evidence or breaking of an oath

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  1. to criticize harshly
  2. to make clear or plain
  3. supreme blessedness; a series of declarations about blessedness made by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount
  4. light emitted by means other than burning, such as chemical or biochemical action or radiation
  5. a rich mass of ore; an unexpected source of great wealth

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  1. legateto banish to a place of exile


  2. apocalypsea vague feeling of ill health or depression


  3. debonairsuave


  4. vindicateto clear from blame


  5. abjureto consent; to take office