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  1. Potential Energy
  2. KE Formula
  3. Action at a distance forces
  4. Delta
  5. Contact forces
  1. a Frictional force, normal force, air resistance force, tension force, applied force, spring force, elastic force
  2. b shows the change in something
  3. c 1/2mv^2
  4. d How much energy is stored in an object
  5. e Gravitational force, electrical force, magnetic force

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  1. 9.8m/s^2
  2. velocity has direction
  3. Watts, or W
  4. Formula for power
  5. Kg

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  1. h in PE formulaacceleration due to gravity


  2. Unit for forceWatts, or W


  3. P=F/AMass formula


  4. PE FormulaMgh


  5. v in KE formulaheight in meters