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  1. A in the pressure formula
  2. Energy
  3. PE Formula
  4. g in PE formula
  5. F=Ma
  1. a acceleration due to gravity
  2. b Force formula
  3. c The ability to do work
  4. d Area
  5. e Mgh

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  1. objects will remain in motion or stay at rest until acted upon by an unbalanced force
  2. velocity has direction
  3. How much energy is stored in an object
  4. formula for work
  5. Frictional force, normal force, air resistance force, tension force, applied force, spring force, elastic force

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  1. Horsepowera unit of power equal to 746 watts


  2. Newton's 2nd lawfor every action force there is an equal and opposite reaction force


  3. Newtons (Metric), Pounds (English)Units for work


  4. a=F/mFormula for Acceleration


  5. 3 ways to accelerateslow down, speed up, change direction