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Vocabulary - Speakout Advanced (Unit 1)


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go in for (something)
choose something (phrasal verb)
increasingly outlandish
becoming stranger and more unusual
reach the top of the tree
reach a top position on a career ladder
as far as a career is concerned; when it comes to a career
cut and dried
settled, decided and cannot now be changed (expression)
a phone call the aim of which is to ask someone who is trying to get a job, a part in a play etc to return for another interview or audition
the likes of (somebody)
people of a particular type, similar to somebody well-known
sweeping generalisers
people who make statements that are too general and do not consider all the facts
detail-obsessed nit-pickers
people who argue about small unimportant things, criticize small unimportant details of something in a way that annoys other people
obsessive planners
people who are thinking or worrying about what, how and when to do something all the time
last-minute deadline junkies
people who leave doing their work until the last minute before it needs to be finished
recharge your batteries
to rest or relax in order to get back your energy
flat-pack furniture
furniture that you buy in warehouses which you unpack and assemble yourself
capture the beauty of (something)
to succeed in recording, showing, or describing how beautiful something is, using words or pictures
making people remember something by producing a feeling or memory in them
very famous and well known, and believed to represent a particular idea
showing you something interesting or surprising about a situation or someone's character
unusual or interesting enough to be easily noticed
intended to make people angry or upset, or to cause a lot of discussion
a large building for storing large quantities of goods
bequeath (something to somebody)
to officially arrange for someone to have something that you own after your death
(synonym: leave)
to receive money, property etc from someone after they have died
a large room where you can look at things that are for sale, such as cars or electrical goods
to decay by a gradual natural process
sentimental value
importance because it was a gift, it reminds you of someone etc
to keep and care for something that is very special, important, or valuable to you
absolutely baffled
extremely confused or puzzled
an agreement that is achieved after everyone involved accepts less than what they wanted at first, or the act of making this agreement
lost in the mists of time
no one remembers it because it happened so long ago
plain old
not at all unusual, interesting, or special
an act of defiance
behaviour that shows you refuse to do what someone tells you to do, especially because you do not respect them
a mixed blessing
something that is good in some ways but bad in others
catch (somebody) off guard
to do something or to happen when someone is not expecting it or prepared for it
without any niceties
without paying attention to small details that are a part of polite or proper behaviour
smash (something) to smithereens
to destroy something by breaking it into very small pieces, or with an explosion
unfriendly and deliberately not talking to other people
an amount of something that is more than what is needed or used (synonym: excess)
be taken aback
to be very surprised about something
the ability to think quickly and make good judgments
the difference between the amount of something that you have and the higher amount that you need