History Ch. 3 Vocabulary


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separation of church and state
The belief that the government should not meddle in church matters
Group known as the "Society of Friends" that believed that people have an "inner light" to guide them that was more important than God's word.
justice of the peace
A person appointed in each colony to settle problems, hold trials, and collect taxes
proprietary colony
A colony in America where an individual or a group was given governmental control by the King of England
royal colony
A colony in America that was directly controlled by the King of England
dame school
A type of New England colonial school where a woman took on the task of educating the neighborhood children in her home
grammar school
A type of New England colonial school for boys where Greek, Latin, math, and writing were taught and took 7 years to complete
Having a variety of opinions, cultures, or religious beliefs
A person who has finished an apprenticeship and is now accomplished in a trade, but is working to become a master in that trade
A time when God works in the hearts of people to wake them up to their spiritual needs
a member of the Church of England
cash crop
a crop grown for its monetary value
a belief that is contrary to Scripture
House of Burgesses
The first governing body of lawmakers in the American colonies
a building in colonial times used for town meetings and religious services
New England Primer
The first printed textbook in the colonies in 1690; taught reading and Bible truths at the same time.
a short paper on a single subject
representative government
a government where the people elect their lawmakers
town meeting
a form of early colonial local government where town problems were discussed and town laws were passed