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Absolutism 2017-2018

Divine Right
Belief that a ruler has been chosen by God to rule
St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre (1572)
Catholics attacked and killed 3,000 Huguenots (Protestants) in France. Occurred day after Henry IV's wedding.
Edict of Nantes 1598
Henry IV declared in this law that Protestants should be able to practice their religion safely
Henry IV
Protestant ruler who converted to Catholicism before taking the French throne. Created the Edict of Nantes.
Louis XIV
King of France, nicknamed the "Sun King." Lived in Versailles.
the Fronde
Rebellion and attack of the royal palace in Paris; witnessed by young Louis XIV.
Royal palace in France, built up by Louis XIV. The palace was extravagant; nobles and government officials were forced to live there
Financial advisor to Louis XIV; built a mercantile system in France
Economic system in which the mother country maintains a favorable balance of trade; used by Colbert in France
Royal family in Russia
Peter the Great
Reformer of Russia; built St. Petersburg, built a navy, studied other countries, established universities, hospitals, newspapers, etc.
Russian palace guards that rebelled while Peter the Great was studying in Europe.
Policies that challenged old traditions and tried to modernize countries. Practiced in Russia under Peter and Catherine.
St. Petersburg
Capital city built by Peter the Great. Used for trade during warm months and nicknamed a "Window to the West"
Great Northern War
War fought between Russia and Sweden; Russia won and built St. Petersburg on newly acquired land
Russian nobles
Catherine the Great
Born in Germany and married into Russian royal family. Took the throne after her husband died in a coup. She continued policies of westernization and modernization.
Pugachev Revolt
Peasants revolted because they wanted to own their own land. The revolt was put down by Catherine the Great.
Warm water port
Peter the Great failed to get this for Russia but Catherine the Great successfully acquired the Crimean Peninsula, where trade could occur year-round.
Aspects of life controlled by absolute monarchs
People, Religion, Information, Military, Economy
One person who makes all decisions and rules alone
Characteristics that make Russia culturally different
Used a different alphabet from Europe, Russian Orthodox Church, and had been conquered by the Mongols
Crimean Peninsula
Located on Black Sea and has a warm-water port. Conquered by Catherine the Great of Russia.