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MR. Z Hawthorne

Who is telling the story?

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Who is telling the story?
Why is the school named Hawthorne?
A school teacher who saved students from the burning school.
What is the name of the new student?
Basil Harris
Who crashed the car?
Bob Short
What year did the school burn down?
What is Basil running for at Hawthorne?
class president
Who was the first student to have a choking problem in class?
What color of paint was used to destroy the mural painted by the students?
What dance is Basil and Valerie attending?
What does Basil ride to drive to school?
Valerie's lost and found what?
A job
Valerie was working on an essay to win what?
Scholarship for school
Name one of the boys who could did not get along with Basil?
Dennie, jim, or Keith
What did Valerie leave which disappeared during the last page of the book?
A pink rose