Caesar Act 2

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Calphurnia's dream and how Decius interprets it.Dream=statue with blood people washing hands in it; Decius says it means Caesar is going to restore RomeWhich two characters have asides at the end of Scene 2?Trebonious and BrutusWhat does Decius do to get him to go to the Senate House?mocks Caesar for agreeing with a woman (Calphurnia)"Caesar, if you read this, you might live; if not, the Fates are plotting together with the traitors."Scene 3, Artemidorus to himself, letter maybe Caesar's only chance of living; going to give letter as they walk on way to senate house act like petitioner give him scroll Caesar will read itHow has Portia changed in Scene 4?paranoid, not as strong as she thought, on edge, knows about assassination"How hard it is for women to keep secrets."Scene 4, Portia to herself, hints that she knows about assassination"Brutus, may the heavens help you in your endeavor."Scene 4, Portia to herself, hints that she knows about assassinationHints that Portia knows about assassination.Asks soothsayer about Caesar, how weak a woman's heart is, thought she heard a battle, sends Lucius to Capitol because women were supposed to be in the house during the time"Let's carve him as if he were a dish fit for the gods, not hack him up like a carcass fit for hounds."Scene 1, Brutus to the conspirators, saying that they shouldn't brutally kill him but they end up stabbing Caesar all over his body.