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  1. mosque
  2. NAFTA
  3. Five themes of geography
  4. diffusion
  5. permafrost
  1. a the spread of ideas from one culture to another
  2. b (Islam) a Muslim place of worship
  3. c ground that is permanently frozen
  4. d North American Free Trade Agreement
  5. e location, place, interaction, movement, region

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  1. A large fertile land with chernozem soils that extends from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains
  2. the predominant religion of India
  3. because of this dam the Nile no longer produces silt
  4. In the Soviet Union, forced labor camps where criminals and political prisoners were held under Stalin
  5. concentrates on patterns of human activity and on their relationships with the environment.

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  1. sectionalisman extensive concentration of urbanized settlement formed by a coalescence of several metropolitan areas. The term is commonly applied to the urbanized northeastern seaboard of the U.S. extending from Boston, MA to New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA to Washington, D.C.


  2. multinationalscoperations with assets in many different countries; bring jobs, tech, produts for developing nations


  3. Physical geographythe study of physical features of the earth's surface


  4. GDPGross National Product - the sum of all goods and services produced in a nation in a year, The market value of all final goods and services produced by US nationals during a specific time period


  5. houses, vacations, crime rateStrong sense of loyalty to one's state or region of the country instead of to the whole country. A key cause of the Civil War.