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Men from important families set up a new form of government

The Senate (made of Rome's important families) and Two Consuls (elected by Senate each year)

Rome was ruled by

Senate and the People of Rome


they built a new wall to protect all seven hills

Romans were Great Builders

crowded and a lively place

Rome was


Rich Nobles


Well-to-do workers, all the way down to the poor


Only nobles could wear


Togas kept falling off, so most Romans wore


Wore white tunics


Wore black tunics (men)

Roman Women

long tunics, leather sandals, and red or blonde wigs


These people had no rights. They were property and were bought and sold.


the main marketplace and business center including shops, banks, temples, jugglers, ceremonies


a place for public speaking


here you might hear a court case or someone giving a speech

a trip to the Roman bath

an important part of ancient Roman daily life included

Roman Siestas

wealthy Romans enjoyed a midday meal and nap


worked constantly

Upper Class

ate a cold lunch at home, then took a nap or relaxed with friends

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