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I clear the table
quito la mesa
you fall asleep at six
te duermes a las seis
they get bored
se aburren
we remember the answer
nos acordamos la respuesta
they agree with me
acuerdan conmigo
He bores his friends
aburre a sus amigos
they take off the shoes
se quitan los zapatos
He wants to leave
quiere irse
I want to go with you
quiero ir contigo
She's moving to Ohio
Se muda a Ohio
We want to change our personality
queremos mudar nuestra personalidad
I eat up the tacos
me como los tacos
We eat at seven
comemos a las siete
Ya'll wear shoes
lleváis zapatos
the tornado carries the house away
el tornado se lleva la casa
We got to bed
nos acostamos
they brush
se cepillan
he wakes up
se despierta
I take a shower
me ducho
they wash (oneself)
se lavan
ya'll shave
os afeitáis
you all dry off
se secan
she puts on make up
se maquilla
they stay in contact
se mantienen en contacto
you get along well with
te llevas bien
I feel sad
me siento triste
you put on a shoe
te pones un zapato
he dress well
se viste bien
I have fun
me divierto
we get up
nos levantamos